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Monrovia Family Dentistry’s Reviews & Testimonials

I have had terrible anxiety about going to the dentist, and avoided going for 7 years. I really did my research finding the best dentist. There are over a hundred awesome reviews for MFD, so this must be an awesome dentist, right? Well you better believe it! This dentist and his entire staff rock! I have been to many dentists with not so good experiences, and Monrovia Family Dentistry is the best by far! I recently became a patient here, and found out I needed quite a bit of work. Two extractions, and a few fillings. I had my extractions done this week, and recieved Nitrous gas. My insurance doesn't pay for that but it was very cheap. The doc was very quick, gentle, and thorough with everything! The gas helped, but I felt very comfortable throughout the entire procedure. I am now healing nicely, and the doc even called personally to check up on me. I definitely recommend this dentist!
morgan barr
20:17 12 Oct 18
I've had some horrible experiences with dentist in the past. I was convinced that all dentist we're jerks. Dr. Mark changed all that for me. Dr Sanford and his staff are the greatest. Not only are they friendly, but compassionate about their care and comfort level of their paitents. Dr Mark is very generous with the "numbing juice" I've never felt any pain during my procedures. It also helps that Dr Mark isn't hard to look at. I often joke about how much he makes me drool. ???? Dr Sanford takes the time to listen to what I want vs what I need vs what I can afford. They have even worked with me on payment plans when I needed. Most importantly, to me, is that they have never put me down or made me feel bad about the bad shape of my teeth. Most recently I had a filling fall out. I shouldn't have been eating taffy anyway. I was extremely worried about losing the whole tooth. Admittedly due to vanity because it was a front tooth and I didn't want to look 'white trashy.' Thankfully Dr Sanford was able to save the tooth. In fact, it looks even better than it did before. It's like a brand new tooth. My entire family goes to Monrovia Family Dentistry and I can't say enough good things about them.
LeeAnn Pryor
13:08 03 Oct 18
Years ago, I had veneers on two of my front teeth. The veneers started to chip off. Dr. Sanford replaced the veneers with crowns and they look great! He was able to match the color of the crowns with my other teeth. They look amazing! Additionally, when I retired and did not want to pay for private insurance, other options were provided through Dr. Sanford’s office. Everyone is friendly, helpful and competent!!
Kathy Stricker
18:37 27 Sep 18
Always a great experience at Monrovia. Mark and his staff are always remarkable, and I always leave feeling like I got quality care.
Allison Rader
22:58 12 Sep 18
I would highly recommend Monrovia Family Dentistry, to anyone. Dr. Sanford, and his staff are amazing. They are very friendly, personable, and most importantly, gentle. They have individualized treatment plans based on your specific dental needs. If you have dental anxiety like myself, they are very understanding. They explain everything in detail, give you many treatment options, ensure you are pain free, and are very encouraging in eliminating any worries, fears, or anxiety, you may have. Dr. Sanford, and his staff genuinely care about their patients. Yesterday I was supposed to have an extraction with the aid of Nitrous Oxide, by the time I was to receive the extraction I felt so comfortable and at ease that I opted to go forward without it. If you are looking for a better, more relaxing dental experience, look no further than Monrovia Family Dentistry. Thank you all for always being so kind, and understanding!
Amy Lucas
15:43 05 Sep 18
I have avoided going to a dentist for years because of bad experiences. I started going to Monrovia family dentistry they are taking great care of me and helping get my smile back . they are friendly fast and caring I highly recommend them
William Gott
16:27 29 Aug 18
Love how accommodating this family is to my dad whom is a hero of PD. The office staff is very friendly and welcoming. The dentist is extremely gentle and understanding. Just a warm environment all around.
Starla Haggard
13:25 28 Aug 18
I've been going here for years. I used to have bad anxiety with dentists. Now I don't have any anxiety at all. Their all so friendly and professional. Never a long wait time. They take time to make sure everything is right. I highly recommend going here for all of your dental needs!
Meagan Fowler
16:40 09 Aug 18
Very friendly and explains things well. Made sure I was comfortable. I am extremely nervous at new places and especially the dentist and I was relaxed after just a few minutes. I highly recommend going there. Everyone from the office staff to the dentist was friendly and personable. This was my first visit and I am going back for more treatment and to get my first set of dentures. Can’t wait!
Tracy Sebastian
18:20 18 Jul 18
I love Monrovia Family Dentistry! Wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!Dr Sanford and his caring staff are the absolute best!
jerry Stokes
14:53 21 Jun 18
My entire family is treated by this dentistry. We all have improved our dental health by using their recommendations. Professional, clean and friendly! Great with kids!
Samantha Schafer
16:39 14 Jun 18
Being out of state from NH on military orders it was very difficult to find a dentist that would look at teeth to see were my pain was coming from. I contacted upwards of 15 dentists, Monrovia was more than happy to help. A few minutes after placing the call I was in the office getting my mouth inspected for the severe tooth ache. Thanks to their help I was able to determine I needed a root canal, which was then taken care of by the military. Without there help I would have been running around needing a root canal throughout my entire training exercise in Indiana. Great staff thanks for all the help.
15:06 10 Jun 18
An efficient and friendly staff greets you at Monrovia Family Dentistry. Dr. Sanford is thorough and does not try to push any unnecessary services. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a dentist.
Mark Hood
15:46 11 May 18
The staff at your office is incredible! I usually am not a very big fan of the dentist, but your team made me feel comfortable. Thanks again guys!
Dwayne Schanz
01:39 30 Apr 18
The staff are very friendly and are very timely. My children have had procedures done and Dr. Sanford calls each time to check on the kids. Love this office and the staff! I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a dentist in the Mooresville/Monrovia area.
Michelle Brown
01:47 31 Mar 18
I love this office. Dr. Sanford is AMAZING. AT 30 years old i had an accident that busted my front teeth. Started causing the rest of my teeth to shift and crack. At 34 years old I came to Dr. Sanford after being unhappy with my original dentist. Dr. Sanford changed my life giving me a beautiful happy and healthy smile again. He is the nicest dentist I have ever met. His office staff, beautiful and nice ladies. Everyone is so welcoming and most of all gentle and caring. I hope you choose Dr. Sanford as well. You will not regret it! Thank you for helping me and making me feel beautiful again.
Ashlea Dykes
19:30 07 Feb 18

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