Dentist in Camby IN

Dentist in Camby IN

If you live in Camby, IN and are trying to find a single dental office that offers everything your family needs, then Monrovia Family Dentistry is the right option for you. We bring traditional dental care and specialty services together in one location, making it easy for your busy family to fit in your dental care.

Sedation Dentistry

Woman holds masks as she is sedated in preparation for dental procedure
How would you like to feel as if you were sleeping during your dental appointment? Our sedation dentistry options are perfect for Camby, IN patients that want to tune everything out during their treatments. With sedation dentistry you’ll feel like you’re daydreaming!

Adult Braces and Orthodontics

We’re thrilled to partner with an orthodontic specialist to offer Invisalign and clear braces for both adults and teens. Traditional orthodontics are available as well. Enjoy flexible financing options and a straighter smile.

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