Cleanings & Prevention

Cleanings & Prevention

Preventive Dental Care and Cleanings

Woman looking up with mouth open as dentist checks gumsThe best way to a healthy smile is through prevention of common oral disease conditions. We offer several ways for our patients to enjoy cleaner, stronger, healthier teeth:

Comprehensive Exams

Thorough dental exams allow us to screen for conditions at very early stages. Our patients can then take advantage of minimally invasive therapies to treat their conditions and enjoy less dental treatment over time.

Dental Cleanings

Child receiving dental careAll cleanings are performed by a Registered Dental Hygienist. Our hygienists will remove tartar, biofilm and stain from your teeth above and below the gumlines. We then discuss a personalized oral hygiene plan based on your individual smile needs.


Digital X-Rays

High definition digital x-rays allow us to diagnose conditions like bone loss, abscesses, cavities and abnormalities within the bone that cannot be seen during a clinical exam. These enlarged images also make it easier for us to share information with our patients during the exam or consultation.

Oral Cancer Screening

Effective cancer treatment begins with diagnosis as early as possible. Unfortunately most oral cancers are asymptomatic until they are very progressed. Our dentists screen for precancerous and abnormal tissues so that we can provide earlier biopsies and a better chance at successful treatment.

Periodontal Screening

Screening for gum disease is an important step in retaining your teeth for an entire lifetime. Our periodontal assessment involves a thorough exam of all attachment levels of the gums to each tooth in the mouth.

Night Guards

Grinding and clenching your teeth at night can cause TMJ pain, broken fillings and worn teeth. Our custom fitted guards prevent premature tooth wear.

Fluoride Treatments

Even the healthiest teeth sometimes need a little help against fighting cavities. Our fluoride treatments are applied after a dental cleaning and help remineralize enamel as well as reduce sensitivity.