CEREC Same Day Crowns

nQepKLtW-qPoZkBKYJnFDSLHfJoh8mN1VNBWyPzerpMHow would you like to complete your dental treatment in just one visit? Instead of scheduling two appointments for a dental crown, our in-house CEREC technology lets you finish your crown treatment in one day.

With CEREC Same Day Crowns, You Can Enjoy:

  • One appointment for all of your dental treatment
  • A beautiful cosmetic crown that looks natural
  • Fewer trips to the dentist
  • A chance to finish everything at one time
  • No messy impressions
  • On-site, digital crowns design

Affordable Same Day Crowns in Monrovia

Just like traditional crowns, your CEREC same day crown may be covered by your dental insurance. Our insurance and financing coordinators will provide you with an estimated care plan that shows you exactly how much your crown treatment costs. We work hard to make your cosmetic crown affordable, so that you can enjoy a healthier smile in just one day.

Is a CEREC crown right for you? Our same day crowns are perfect for just about everyone. You’ll find the visit easier than you ever imagined. You may even want to sleep through the crown procedure with our sedation dentistry option.

If you need a dental crown, have had a root canal, or need to replace old worn out fillings – a CEREC crown may be the best option for you. Call Monrovia Family Dentistry to find out more.