Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Bridges Replace Missing Teeth and Improve Function

Dentist sharing dental x-ray results
If you’re missing one or two teeth, fixed bridges offer you a reliable way to replace them. A dental bridge uses functional crowns on either end to support the one or two false crowns suspended between them. The teeth on the ends are anchored onto healthy teeth that are adjacent to the missing tooth, “bridging” the space between them.

What to Expect from Bridge Treatments

Your bridge treatment will take two appointments to complete. During the first visit, the adjacent teeth will be prepped for supporting a bridge and then an impression is made. This impression is sent to our laboratory, which will create a customized bridge prosthesis for your mouth. In about two weeks the bridge will be ready to install and you will return for a try-in and bonding of the prosthesis.

Caring for Your Bridge

Close up shot of dental bridgesIt’s important to take proper care of your bridge so as to maintain the health of the teeth that support it. Cleaning under your bridge and around the roots of the healthy teeth is key. Our hygienists will assist you in using aids that make it easy for you to keep areas like these and others cleaner, providing you with extended oral health benefits.